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Home Loan For New Purchase

We power your dreams to reality

Step into the realm of homeownership with SRG Housing Finance Ltd.'s New Purchase Home Loan. Discover the joy of owning your dream home, tailored to your preferences and aspirations. Our flexible and affordable loan options make the path to homeownership smooth and rewarding. We guide you at every step, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Trust SRG Housing Finance Ltd. to help you open the door to a new beginning.

Nationality - Indian Resident
Employment- Self Employed/Salaried
Criteria - Eligibility is assessed based on age, income, loan tenure, and credit score.

Features & Benefits

Across the Country

Wide network across the country to ensure hassle-free reach

Quick Assistance

Personalised documentation assistance for smooth processing

Easy Loan

Simplified Documentation, Quick Approval, Hasle-Free Access to Housing Funds, Quicker Processing & Disbursement

Some easy steps for Home Loan Apply

Robust service delivery model – door step services ensuring easy and fast approval & disbursal of loans,

  • 01

    Apply online from our SRG Housing website
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    Select your product for which you wish to apply for loan
  • 03

    Get your loan approved
  • 04

    Get your loan sanctioned and disbursed
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Frequently Asked Questions

Mon - Sat   10.00 - 18.30

The Home Loan For New Purchase Home Loan is specifically designed to finance the purchase of a new home. It differs from other home loan products in terms of its purpose and tailored features for new home purchases.

Can I use the Home Loan For New Purchase Home Loan to buy a plot of land for constructing a new house?

Typically, the Home Loan For New Purchase Home Loan is intended for purchasing a built residential property. However, please check with our team for any specific provisions related to purchasing land.

The interest rate for the Home Loan For New Purchase Home Loan is determined based on various factors, including your credit score, loan amount, tenure, and our prevailing interest rate policies at the time of application.

The minimum down payment required varies based on the loan amount, property value, and our loan policies. Our team will provide specific details during the application process.

The Home Loan For New Purchase Home Loan is primarily for purchasing a new home. However, you can explore balance transfer options for existing home loans. Discuss with our team for specific details.

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