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Home Loan For Resale Home Purchase

Experience the warmth and comfort of a home steeped in history with SRG Housing Finance Ltd.'s Resale Home Purchase Loan. Own a pre-loved home and embrace its unique charm. Our loan options are designed to suit your financial goals, making buying a previously owned property a seamless process. Discover the stories that lie within these walls and make them a part of your own journey with SRG Housing Finance Ltd.

Nationality - Indian Resident
Employment- Self Employed/Salaried
Criteria - Loan Eligibility depends on factors like: Age, Income, Tenure & Credit Score etc.

Features & Benefits

Across the Country

Wide network across the country to ensure hassle-free reach

Quick Assistance

Personalised documentation assistance for smooth processing

Easy Loan

Simplified Documentation, Quick Approval, Hasle-Free Access to Housing Funds, Quicker Processing & Disbursement

Some easy steps for Home Loan Apply

Robust service delivery model – door step services ensuring easy and fast approval & disbursal of loans,

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    Apply online from our SRG Housing website
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    Select your product for which you wish to apply for loan
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    Get your loan approved
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    Get your loan sanctioned and disbursed
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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Home Loan For Resale Home Purchase Loan is designed to facilitate the purchase of a previously owned or pre-loved home. It caters to the unique needs and preferences of buyers looking for such properties.

How does SRG Housing Finance Ltd. assess the eligibility of a customer applying for the Home Loan For Resale Home Purchase Loan?

Eligibility for the Home Loan For Resale Home Purchase Loan is evaluated based on specific criteria such as age, income, loan tenure, credit score, and employment status, ensuring a thorough assessment aligned with our guidelines.

The loan is specifically designed for purchasing residential properties that are being resold. It may not be applicable to commercial properties or land with existing structures, focusing on residential real estate.

Our property valuation process ensures an accurate assessment of the property's worth, considering its age, condition, location, and market dynamics, providing a solid basis for determining the loan amount.

The loan can be utilized to purchase properties of varying ages( depends upon Structure stability report ) ensuring that customers have the flexibility to choose a pre-loved home that suits their preferences and requirements.

We provide assistance in evaluating the loan amount based on the property's value, ensuring customers choose a loan that aligns with their financial goals and repayment capacity.

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